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Do I qualify for Student Loan Forgiveness?
Congress created the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program in 2007, to help encourage individuals to enter or continue to work in the public sector. Borrowers may qualify for forgiveness under this program, which is a forgiveness of the balance ... More

What is a Federal Student Loan?
A student loan is a federally funded loan that must be repaid with interest. Student loans will supply a student or their parents in some instances with borrowed funds to help them pay for college or university under the support of the federal ... More

Are Federal Student Loans a better option for borrowing for college?
Federal student loans will provide their borrowers with many more benefits that a typical private bank loan. Some of these benefits include: lower fixed rates, cancellations for certain employment, deferment of loan payments if borrower re-enters ... More

What is the difference between Direct Subsidized Loan and a Direct Unsubsidized Loans?
Direct Subsidized Loans have slightly better terms for students. Below are some benefits of a Direct Subsidized Loans: 1. The educational institution decides on the amount that the student can borrow, with the amount that does not exceed your ... More

What are PLUS Loans?
Federal PLUS Loans are loans designed for graduate and professional degreed students and parents of undergraduate students to help with the payment of education expenses. Direct PLUS Loans are eligible to borrowers at schools who participate in ... More

Can I erase my student loan debts through bankruptcy?
Federal Student Loans cannot be discharged by way of bankruptcy. If you are in fact thinking about bankruptcy, you are likely facing some financial hardships. You might not already know that there are numerous ways to defer payment plans that ... More

Why would federal loans offer me very low payments through IBR and PAYE programs?
Many of the new acts in place have been designed to assist borrowers with student loan debts. There are many repayment options that focus on your annual household income in relation to your family size as opposed to the more traditional repayment ... More

Can you help if I am behind on my payments or I am not currently paying?
The simple answer is yes. But, in order to answer this question we would need to gather some additional information. We would like to go over the solution to your particular situation and find out ways we can help you. More

Can I save any money by consolidating my student loan debts?
Peace of mind having just one lender and one payment is the biggest benefit with student loan consolidations. The potential savings will ultimately depend on your current job type and financial situation. The different repayment options that we ... More

What is a Direct Loan?
A direct loan is a federal loan made through the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program. These new loans allow eligible students and parents to borrow directly from the Department of Education. More

What is a Direct Consolidation Loan?
Federal loans secured by the US Department of Education can be combined from one or more student loans into one new loan. Under this consolidated loan, borrowers will only have one lender and one monthly payment. More

Can a Parent PLUS loan ever be forgiven, discharged, or cancelled?
In regards to a Parent PLUS Loan, the borrower must repay the entire loan even if the student does not complete his or her education, or cannot find a job that is related to their program of study. However, if the child to who you borrowed for ... More

What is Deferment?
Deferment refers to a period in which repayment of the principle and interest on the loan has been delayed temporarily. More

What will happen if I do not make payments on my student loan?
Your loan may go into default if you do not make your payments or you make late payments. If your student loan goes into default, your loan status will be reported to credit bureaus, which could damage your current credit rating and have lasting ... More

When do I have to begin repaying a non-consolidated federal student loan?
You will only have to begin repaying your student loan after you leave college or your enrollment drops below half-time enrollment. On the other hand, a PLUS loan will need to begin repayment once the loan has been fully disbursed. Your loan ... More

Helping Student with the Cost of College.
S.L.A.C. Scholarship Scholarship Value: $500 Scholarship Deadline: September 15, 2015 The 'Student Loan Assistance Counsel' Scholarship is designed to help students with the cost of their studies. The scholarship can be used for books, ... More

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