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Student Loan Debt, Is It Really That Bad
According to a recent study by the Brookings Institution, 38% of U.S. adults between ages 20 and 40 have student loan debt, and the average amount of debt is about $19,300. This has risen steadily since the study began tracking debt levels in ... More

Student Loan Personal Finances
Bad news first. Only loans you received under the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program are eligible for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program. Loans you received under the Federal Family Education Loan Program, the Federal ... More

Choosing a Type of Student Loan
Whatever the reason, millions of students rely on student loans to pay for some or all of college. In total, two out of three leave college with student debt. The average: A sobering $22,700 per graduate. (At least they have a degree to show for ... More

About Direct Plus Loans
ABOUT THE DIRECT PLUS LOAN The Direct PLUS Loan is unsubsidized, meaning that interest accrues while the student is enrolled at least half-time and during deferment periods. Eligibility is not based on financial need, and graduate students and ... More

Eligibility For A Direct Plus Loan
Am I eligible for a Direct PLUS Loan? To receive a Direct PLUS Loan, you must be a graduate or professional degree student enrolled at least half-time at an eligible school in a program leading to a degree or certificate, or be the ... More

Education Programs For Veterans
Many benefits are available to advance the education and skills of Veterans and Servicemembers. Spouses and family members may also be eligible for education and training assistance in fact, 25 percent of those benefitting from VAs education ... More

Careers For Military Professionals
Military professionals are known for their strong work ethic, commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and ability to succeed in a challenging environment, exemplifying many of the same core values we live at Accenture. The lessons learned ... More

Program For National Health Services Corps
The NHSC Scholarship Program is a competitive Federal program that awards scholarships to students in return for a commitment to provide care in underserved communities. The program pays tuition and fees and provides a living stipend to students ... More

National Blue Ribbon Honors for 12 Georgia Schools
A dozen schools in Georgia were honored as National Blue Ribbon Schools because of high academic achievement or success in closing the performance gap between different groups of students, the U.S. Department of Education announced Tuesday. ... More

Charleston Parks and Recreation
The Charleston County Park, Recreation and Tourist Commission was created in 1968 as a county special purpose district by an act of the South Carolina legislature. The original act was amended in 1972, authorizing the Commission to promote ... More

Undergraduate Degree in Parks and Rec Management
The Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism undergraduate and graduate programs prepare students in a wide array of fields concerned with social, environmental, and economic aspects of society. Numerous recreation businesses, hospitals, ... More

Educational Opportunities In the Navy
Opportunities for Those With Diplomas or Degrees From a qualifications standpoint, the Navy insists that all recruits have at least a high school diploma or equivalent and all Officers have a college degree. With that in mind, initial and ... More

Public Service Jobs With Good Salaries
Toll-Booth Attendant Toll-booth attendants are reported to earn an average annual salary of $45,000 per year. This salary exceeds the national average, which is notable considering that this job is relatively low-skilled and requires no ... More

Getting A Law Enforcement Education
Before their first assignments, officers usually go through a period of training. In State and large local police departments, recruits get training in their agency's police academy, often for 12 to 14 weeks. In small agencies, recruits often ... More

Professional Development of Teaching
The professional development of teachers is studied and presented in the relevant literature in many different ways. But always at the core of such endeavours is the understanding that professional development is about teachers learning, learning ... More

24 Colleges And Universities Receive 75 Million in Grants
Through FITW, the Obama Administration will support postsecondary institutions' efforts to develop and evaluate new approaches that can expand college access and improve student learning while reducing costs. In May, the Department announced this ... More

U.S. Department of Eductation Gives Grants to Cleveland Area Programs
"This grant from the Department of Education recognizes Cleveland Play House as a leader in the field. Most people know us for our work on the stage, but equally important to our mission is the work we do in classrooms and with young people ... More

Green Dot Schools Receive 14 Million in Grants from US Department of Education
The U.S. Department of Education announced Friday the award of a $14 million grant to Green Dot Public Schools for the planning, program design, and initial implementation of new charter schools, especially in underserved areas. The five-year ... More

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