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Educational Opportunities In the Navy

Opportunities for Those With Diplomas or Degrees

From a qualifications standpoint, the Navy insists that all recruits have at least a high school diploma or equivalent and all Officers have a college degree. With that in mind, initial and continuing education opportunities are available whether you’re just out of high school, in the workforce, in college, a recent college graduate or a degreed professional. And whatever your background, you’ll be encouraged to pursue your educational goals – and provided with many ways to do so.

Programs for Traditional and Distance Learning

The Navy offers everything from degree earning coursework to degree-accredited on-the-job training – in settings that range from typical classrooms to ships or bases. There are college scholarships and post graduate scholarships that help cover things such as tuition, books and other expenses. Plus, there are educational savings programs and loan repayment programs available to subsidize your schooling costs. Some of the programs are offered as part of your service. Others require that you meet additional requirements.

Consider All Your Options

Whether it's scholarships or financial reimbursement, salary advances or sign-on bonuses, educational assistance can take many forms in the Navy. It all depends on where you are now and which of the career areas you’re interested in pursuing.

Look into the NROTC, undergraduate and graduate and professional programs outlined in this section to identify the program or programs that best fit your needs. And be sure to talk with a recruiter for further details or clarification or just to make sure you have the latest information to consider. ... More

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