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Significant Factors In Choosing the Best Nursing Program

Deciding where to go to college is a very important decision. That's why we have taken the most significant factors into consideration when looking at the A-Lists. We hope to answer questions like: How much will college cost me? Am I likely to be accepted where I apply? Will I get a quality education? If you stick to a school on the A-List, you will be happy with the answers to all of these questions. Read on for a breakdown of the A-List methodologies.

Affordability knows that there are two ways to look at affordability - one that ranks schools according to their in-state tuition and one that ranks schools according to their out-of-state tuition. Federal, state and institutional aid are excluded in each type since these factors vary from student to student, based on individual financial need. These lists provide a realistic look at what a typical student will pay for their education at each individual institution.


The A-Lists take into account the acceptance rate and some lists consider the enrollment size of each school. Many of the A-List schools accept a high percent of students who apply, with some schools approaching 100 percent. The A-List ranking incorporate enrollment size actually give a small benefit in score due to their ability to admit and educate large numbers of students.

Academic Quality

One of the heaviest factors in the A-List calculation is the quality of education offered at each university or school. To assess academic standing, the calculation considers an institution's categorization and rank published in the annual U.S. News & World Report rankings (and may consider other recognized ranking list placements). These rankings take into account a significant number of factors and are generally considered the gold standard for college rankings emphasizing academic quality and reputation. ... More

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